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Murray is Managing Director of Strachan and Partners, a specialist business advisory consultancy, and Chief Executive of Albyn Ventures, a business investment group. He also holds a number of non-executive Chairman and director positions in a diverse range of companies throughout the UK, many of which he is a shareholder in. He is also Vice Chairman of the Entrepreneurial Exchange in Scotland.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

So what’s entrepreneurship all about?

Earlier this year I was honoured to provide the annual entrepreneurial lecture on behalf of The Centre for Entrepreneurship at The Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, to the final year students and representatives of the local business community.  One of the questions I was asked to address in my presentation, in addition to describing my entrepreneurial journey (so far), was "What’s entrepreneurship all about?  In summary, I believe it's about:
  • being a bit of a dreamer & envisaging something that others perhaps cannot
  • spotting the (right) opportunity and being brave enough to go for it
  • having the belief and not being scared to think big or stretch yourself
  • having the ambition to build a business of substance and scale 
  • being able to communicate the vision and compel others to follow
  • having a plan but being prepared to shape or change it as circumstances dictate
  • execution, execution, execution & delivery of results
  • having the drive and determination to succeed against all odds
  • learning from mistakes
  • choices, sacrifices and a lot of “blood, sweat & tears”

Murray Strachan
Murray works with executives, funders and shareholders to recover & create value!  You can contact Murray via his website www.murraystrachan.co.uk or follow him on twitter @murraystrachan

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